Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Louisville, KY

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is a management technique that utilizes oral medications and sometimes nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to create a state of sedation (relaxation and at times unawareness). This technique is advantageous for patients that have mild anxiety and fear. This technique may be used for children and adults depending upon the behavior of the child and the level of anxiety of the adult patient. Oral sedation is not recommended for very young children, has varying levels of success, and may be inadequate for most people.

Intravenous Moderate Sedation

During Intravenous (IV) Moderate Sedation dental procedures an IV is used to administer sedation to the dental patient. The dental patient remains somewhat awake, but will remember very little and generally feel no discomfort during the procedure.

This may be more desirable than general anesthesia and is often an option with most dental procedures, even cleanings. For patients who suffer from anxiety or fear related to dental procedures, IV Moderate Sedation allows them to manage their oral health and improve their smile without the fear of pain or discomfort during their procedure.

Moderate Sedation reduces anxiety levels, pain, and memory during your procedure, and patients are typically comfortable and deeply relaxed during their procedure.

To learn more about Moderate IV Sedation, call our Louisville dental office today.

Deep Sedation

There are various reasons why your dental professional might recommend deep sedation for a dental procedure. Deep sedation allows you to be essentially asleep throughout a procedure and not experience the associated pain or discomfort. Most of the time patients have no memory of their procedure when deep sedation is used.

Deep sedation is typically achieved through the use of a sedative administered through an IV at the beginning of your procedure. The procedure is closely monitored and at least three dental professionals will be in the room when you undergo deep sedation. There may also be additional equipment used during deep sedation to help maintain normal breathing.

Your dental professional in Louisville, KY will discuss the details of deep sedation with you so that together you can make the best choice for your particular needs and desires.

Moderate / Conscious
Sedation Dentistry in Louisville, KY

Moderate or Conscious sedation dentistry is commonly used for patients who may feel anxious or fearful during complex procedures such as root canals, cleanings, or even fillings.

With moderate/conscious sedation the patient experiences less anxiety, discomfort, and pain during their procedure. This is accomplished through a variety of methods including the use of medications and local anesthesia.

Sedation dentistry allows the patient to relax and undergo procedures that may otherwise not be feasible. With moderate sedation, the patient may get tired and may not remember the procedure.

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