An annoying habit that can negatively and indefinitely affect your dental health, putting a stop to teeth grinding may be more difficult than one would hope. However, difficult is not impossible and when it comes to issues such as teeth grinding, the cause it the most important variable for each individual. That said, the following is a closer look at ways to stop teeth grinding based on its potential causes.

3 Tips To Stop Teeth Grinding

Stress Relief

One of the main causes of teeth grinding is stress or anxiety. This is due to the fact that much like nail biting and hair twirling, the body uses teeth grinding as a way to reduce uncomfortable feelings such as nervousness or even anger. In other words, as a means of calming down, you may be involuntarily clenching or grinding your teeth, causing substantial damage. However, by doing things such as practicing yoga, visiting a therapist, or even meditating, you can reduce these feelings and learn to manage them in healthier ways.

Night Guards

On the flip side, since teeth grinding is often an action that occurs subconsciously, it can go into overdrive when you fall asleep. In particular, for those who have certain illnesses, are on certain medications, or suffer from chronic stress, grinding your teeth in your sleep may be something you have struggled with for quite some time. However, by visiting your dentist and having them create a night guard, you will have a way to prevent yourself from grinding your teeth during the times when you are sleeping.

Teeth Realignment

Lastly, for those who may have missing teeth or teeth that are otherwise misaligned, a teeth realignment may be your best bet with regards to putting a stop to teeth grinding. This is due to the fact that we often avoid dental visits due to fear of pain and/or judgment from dental professionals. However, by getting things such as braces, implants, partials, bridges, crowns, and more, you have your teeth totally realigned. This will not only help you stop teeth grinding but will also give you a beautiful new smile as well as a new sense of confidence.

Overall, teeth grinding is not one of those bad habits that typically goes away on its own. However, once you figure out what the cause is, it becomes easier to find a feasible solution. No matter if it’s an abundance of stress, an illness, or just a case of neglected dental work, there are real remedies that can solve your issue for good. Either way, this is not something to leave to chance.

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